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Crédito: Divulgação DONA ONETE is a friendly and funny 76 year-old singer-songwriter born in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, in the Brazilian state of Pará.

She taught History for 25 years, was the Secretary of Culture of Pará and founder of dance and regional music groups, such as "Canarana", in the town of Miri-Igarapé, a place recognized for its good music.

Even nowadays, she still composes. She has more than 300 compositions, most of it boleros and many others in the genre "carimbó chamegado”. These songs have a passionate and sensual poetry, with rhythms as hot as her homeland.

She participated in important folk groups such as "Raízes do Cafezal", and in the pop group with regional roots "Coletivo Radio Cipo". She also played a carimbó singer in the movie "I’d receive the worst news from your great lips", starring the famous Brazilian Actress Camila Pitanga.

Dona Onete is one of the stars of the series of shows "Terruá Pará", promoted by the state government, with exponents of all aspects of local music.

In 2012 Dona Onete recorded and released her first CD, "FEITIÇO CABOCLO", with a few pearls of her inventive and entertaining repertoire, with lots of spices and malice, as the title song and other as "Jamburana", "Moreno Morenado" and "Proposta Indecente".

On stage, Onete’s band is lead by great guitar player PIO LOBATO, - one of the best musician from the contemporary Brazilian music scene -, and 4 more good musicians from the Amazon.

Telefone: +5521 3251-4104 / gerald@diversaoearte.com

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